Breakfast (or Anytime) Bean Bowl

Yesterday we woke to a mist hanging low among the trees and houses, and when it lifted autumn had come.  Our breath rose in puffs around us as I walked the kids to school, and later in the sunshine the highest branches glowed amber and gold as if newly gilded from above.

You need some warmth in your belly on days like these, and this bean bowl is a fortifying way to start the day.  It’s inspired by the menu at the Beachcomber Cafe in Trinidad, CA—a wintry place most days of the year, so they know warm-you-up food.

For a real indulgence, start with a homemade pot of beans.  I know I’ve already sung the praises of the ojo de cabra beans pictured below (from Rancho Gordo), but white beans or black beans make a fine substitute.   With black beans, of course, you can go the cilantro and salsa route; with white beans I love parsley and tomato jam.  The only essential ingredients are beans, a soft-cooked egg, and a cold day.Breakfast Bean Bowl

Breakfast Bean Bowl: Warm homemade beans with some of their cooking liquid (or canned beans, rinsed).  Top with a poached egg, grated or crumbled cheese, parsley or cilantro, and tomato jam or salsa.  You may find that you want a piece of toast for sopping up the last bites.


9 thoughts on “Breakfast (or Anytime) Bean Bowl

  1. laurasmess

    As I mentioned in my comment in the ‘about’ section, this post just swept me away in a beautiful jumble of words and images. Love the look of the beautiful breakfast bowl; though it’s heading into spring over here, I felt the autumn chill again just for a moment. Enough to want to rush to the kitchen to make a warming bowl of beans and golden egg yolk. Thanks Emmy. You’re a wonderful writer xx

  2. Cindy

    You paint a wonderful picture of Fall. Very beautifully stated :D I love the wonderful aroma of cooking a pot of beans. Always reminds me of childhood, when my mother would cook up batches over the weekend. Beans are so versatile and be tasty in so many dishes.

  3. Deena Kakaya

    Hello! I just found you and have stopped to look at this gorgeous picture! I can honestly say I’ve never eaten beans for breakfast in this way; it looks scrummy, nutritious and filling! I bet that would keep me going all day x


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