Grilled Fava Beans

For the most part I’m a lazy cook, which is why I don’t get along too well with fava beans.

If you have it in you to shuck the beans from the pod, simmer them briefly and then peel each and every single bean, more power to you.  You are now ready to make some elegant little appetizer that will be gone in two bites, like this fava bean and arugula crostini or that fava and ricotta bruschetta.  (That second recipe recommends having a friend do the work for you, which is at least a step in the right direction.)

If you don’t have it in you to do all that work, this recipe is for you.  It neatly foists the labor of excavating the tender beans straight onto your guests, providing a lively to start to your dinner party as your guests roll up their sleeves and forge a camaraderie based on their mutual amazement at your laziness.  Provide a tiny bowl of good salt for dipping the beans, napkins, and a bowl for discarded pods and bean skins.Grilled Fava BeansGrilled Fava Beans:  Rinse and dry fava beans.  Toss them onto a hot grill until they are blistered on both sides.  Serve with a bowl of salt.  Model the consumption of one for your guests: Open a pod and pop out the beans.  Peel a bean and dip it in a little pile of salt.  Eat. Repeat.


15 thoughts on “Grilled Fava Beans

  1. Hannah

    This looks delicious.

    (Also, it made me laugh … You could make it the appetizer for a Lazy Dinner Party – have them roll their own sushi or top their own pizza or something, then churn their own ice cream for dessert.)

  2. Allison (Spontaneous Tomato)

    I like this idea! Kind of like serving them edamame style… (Brainstorm: grilled edamame?!)

    We actually got fava beans in our CSA last year and sat down to do all that work, to serve them cooked, peeled, and whole with a yogurt dill sauce (I think it was a Deborah Madison recipe), but Paula hated the flavor of the fava beans (I was lukewarm), so that didn’t make it onto the blog and we haven’t bought any since. I would buy them again to put in falafel, but I’m not sure they’d go over well with Paula, even with your clever way of serving them…

  3. laurasmess

    I love fresh fava/broad beans. I’ve been shucking hundreds over the past few weeks whilst taking advantage of the spring bounty, but I’ve never actually grilled them whole in their pods before. I love the look of that charred, blackened skin though. Yum! Definitely trying this soon! x


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