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Baked Fish and Potatoes in a Saffron-Tomato Broth

This is a dish that a friend first made for me and now I make it for friends.  It’s fancy-looking but easy enough for quick weeknight cooking.  Serve it with a nice salad and a dinner is ready in half an hour.

The big flavor here belies the ease of preparation, though.  That’s always the best kind of recipe, wouldn’t you say?

In fact, I should ask all of you, my favorite home cooks: what’s your favorite little-work-big-reward recipe? Continue reading

Pasta with Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, and Peppers

I meant to eat chocolate cake for dinner tonight.  It was just one of those days.  J kindly intervened and made me this instead.  It was so good.  Salty, creamy, hearty–and it even used up some of our CSA peppers.  That man knows what I like.  It was perfect for a chocolate-cake-for-dinner kind of night. Continue reading

Baked Fish with Thai Basil and Peppers

Today I put my money where my mouth is and bought a thirty-pound watermelon.  Yes, you read that right.  Thirty.  Pounds.  Thirty pounds!

Does this ever happen to you?  One minute I was innocently stopping by the store to pick up a piece of fish, and the next minute I was staggering to my car carrying a small child and a melon that weighed more than herTruth be told, I hadn’t even thought of buying a watermelon today.  The only reason I bought it was that it was sitting beside a much smaller but more expensive “petite” watermelon, making this organic behemoth an irresistible deal at $8.50.  Those marketing geniuses at my co-op know me so well.

And now I have thirty pounds of watermelon to dispatch.  Ideas?

Of course I started off by stuffing everyone with sweet slices and encouraging the children to organize a backyard seed-spitting contest.  And then I made a double batch of that outstanding Chilled Watermelon Soup with Thai Flavors–have you tried it yet?  And that, of course, meant Thai flavors for the fish I’d gone to the co-op to get in the first place.  (You thought I’d forgotten the point of this post, didn’t you?)
Every time I make this, J says it’s his favorite dish.  (I think he says that about other things too, though–isn’t that sweet?)  My favorite dish would probably be something involving chocolate, or maybe these baked eggs, but I agree that this dish is quite good.  And if fish isn’t your thing, you could certainly toss the pepper mixture with cubes of fried tofu and serve it over rice instead. Continue reading

Colorful Vegetables with White Dip

I love a picnic.  And we spent yesterday evening at the best picnic of the year.It was a party with friends and friends-of-friends, all in white at a waterfront park in Seattle.  The location was a secret until late afternoon, then the text messages flew, the final arrangements were made, and we began to descend upon the appointed destination.  White balloons fluttered at the park’s entrance, white lights lit the path to the water, and soon long tables were set with white linens and plates, flowers and candles.  Feasts were laid out.  The guests, of course, wore white.  A band kept time to the festivities and after dark descended, hundreds of white sparklers lit the air.  A very nice picnic indeed.

Luckily our friends are excellent cooks and we ate very well.  (They are great photographers, too; you can see my friend Knox’s photos from last year here and my friend Tara’s photos from last night here.)  There were meats and cheeses and chutneys and quince paste and three kinds of pickles.  There were salads in a palette of brilliant hues: beets with oranges and pistachios, roasted cauliflower and chickpeas, salmon nestled into greens, plums on a bed of grilled kale with ricotta, a saffron coucous with raisins.  There was a fancy cake.  And, in a nod to the party’s white theme, I brought vegetables with this dip.I also brought it because it’s so good.  It’s a savory, moreish way to eat your vegetables.  It’s perfect with green beans but I couldn’t resist adding blanched carrots and crisp radishes to the plate as well.  The more color the better, I say, at least on my plate.

Colorful Vegetables with White Dip (adapted from Gourmet): Okay, yes, the secret ingredient here is a can of anchovies.  Brave them, try them, even if you’re skeptical.  This is a gentle introduction for nonbelievers.

Drain and rinse a 2-oz. can of anchovies and dump them in a small pot with 2 big cloves of minced garlic, 2 Tbsp. water, and 2 Tbsp. sour cream (I used low fat).  Simmer for 10 minutes over low heat, stirring often.  Transfer the resulting anchovy-garlic paste to a food processor with another 1 c. sour cream and 1/3 c. mayonnaise and blend until smooth.  Optional: add 1-2 Tbsp. lemon juice.  (I like it both ways, with and without the lemon.)  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Chill at least an hour before serving with blanched green beans or other blanched or raw vegetables.

Steamed Fish and Bok Choy with Garlic and Ginger

Yes, of course you can make this spunky 15-minute healthy meal with tofu instead of fish. Or halibut fillets instead of salmon steaks, which is what I usually do. Or any white fish, really. But lest you think that lean-protein-of-choice steamed with bok choy sounds too dull and virtuous, let me assure you that this dish is all about the zippy sauce. In fact, be sure to make some rice to sop it all up. (Brown rice is in keeping with the virtuous theme and usually my preference, but it makes this a 45-minute meal instead. You do what you like.)

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How to Grill Salmon

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Seattle has apparently experienced only 58 minutes of summer so far this year, if by “summer” you mean a temperature exceeding 79 degrees.  Summer means more than that to me, of course, but I will concede that this has been a funny kind of summer in Seattle.  The kind of summer where we make a lot of soup and wading pool days get rained out and last week we packed both our fleece and down coats for a trip to the Olympic Peninsula and ended up wearing them both, one layered over the other.

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Senegalese Stuffed Fish and Rice

It always pays to have fun friends with good ideas.  In addition to the adventures you’ll have with them, you’ll get to meet their friends, who are also likely to be fun people with good ideas, who will in turn become your friends, and the happy cycle continues.  I know it’s hard to make new friends when you grow up, but I always think it’s worth the effort it takes. Continue reading