Soup Swap Magic

Tonight, I magically turned six quarts of my Lentil Rosemary soup into six OTHER quarts of soup by attending a Soup Swap in my neighborhood.

As a bonus gift with my soup, I included the bread recipe I posted here, which makes just about any soup into a hearty meal.

My 6 quarts of lentil soup became one quart each of French Onion soup, Cream of Wild Mushroom soup, meaty chili, Mushroom and Barley soup, Beer, Cheese and Bacon soup, and Lively Up Yourself Lentil soup.  And I made a bunch of new friends at the same time.



3 thoughts on “Soup Swap Magic

  1. winebarrelgourmet

    What a great idea. I am a big soup fan too – but not that stuff you buy in a can! I have a tendency to cook too much at one time (6 continuous days of the same soup is a bit much) but a soup swap sounds like a great solution. Thanks.


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