Vegetarian Black Bean Tacos

This might have been my favorite meal growing up. We inventively called it “Tortillas, Cheese, and Beans.”  If the tortilla was a big flour tortilla, we rolled it up and you might have recognized the dish as a “burrito.”  If the tortillas were smaller corn tortillas, we folded them into what are commonly known as “tacos.”  But we called any variation “Tortillas, Cheese, and Beans.”  And in this era of Korean-Hawaiian-Fusion-Tacos, perhaps that clarity is helpful.  Call it what you will, if you have some seasoned black beans around, this meal can be on the table in a few minutes.  And if you don’t, a can of refried beans will take you back to my childhood.

You hardly need a recipe, but here it is.  Vegetarian Black Bean Tacos: Warm a pot of Black Beans with Cilantro and Lime (or canned and seasoned whole or refried beans).  Heat tortillas on a pan for a moment, then flip and melt some cheese on top if you like.  Top with beans, salsa, sour cream, and shredded lettuce or cabbage.  Serve with rice or Quinoa with Corn, Green Onions and Feta.


16 thoughts on “Vegetarian Black Bean Tacos

  1. Cauldrons and Cupcakes

    I had to zoom in on the picture to get a closer look. Cheese. Is the magical substance underneath all this good stuff cheese? Breakfast time here Down Under and I could seriously demolish a few of these. They look amazing!

  2. Shira

    This is literally, (and I mean literally!) my favorite food. Beans and cheese on soft corn tacos are to die for and always easy, cheap, and nothing tastes better IMO! going to check out your black bean recipes..that’s something we eat all the time and I love to try new ways to make them! Thank you Emmy!

    1. emmycooks Post author

      This dish (or some variation of it) might be my favorite food as well. I could eat these flavors every day. Do you have other black bean recipes I should try?

      1. Shira

        I’ll have to get one out – I usually wing it with cumin seeds, onion, sweet potato – all in one plan and add lime after – filling for my husband and rather tasty! I agree with you, those flavors never tire!

    1. emmycooks Post author

      I love it too. I’m a little late checking out the comments here, but the good news is that I just posted another quinoa recipe you’ll probably like if you like this one! :)


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