My Favorite Recipes: March 2012

I spent all day today wondering what on earth I could have done with my slippers.  I looked everywhere.  I kept asking if anyone had seen them.  (Nobody answered, but I assumed they thought I was just muttering to myself, which, ok, I was.)  I had to make do with a ratty old pair that I was apparently keeping just in case of an emergency like today.  Finally, late at night, J admitted to me that my 5 year old squirreled my slippers away early this morning as step one in an April Fools joke she had planned.  What?

First, should they really be teaching kids about April Fools Day in schools?  What about the unintended adverse consequences, like me having to wear different slippers today?  And second, since when can my 5 year old plan and execute devious schemes over the course of multiple days?  I clearly am going to need to up my parenting game.

I leave you with my favorite recipes from the past month and a warning to be on the watch for April foolishness.  I’m off to fill the kids’ breakfast bowls with fish sticks and broccoli.  And if you have any great ideas for April Fools tricks to play on my children, please share, as I believe I will have to be planning more elaborate ruses in future years.

How to Cook Black Beans
The Best Red Lentil Soup of 2012 (and a close runner-up for my favorite soup this month: Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup)
Challah French Toast with Vanilla and Orange Zest (perhaps made with your homemade challah?)
Quinoa Cakes with Cheese, Garlic, and Herbs
Roasted Broccoli Pizza with Feta
And last but not least, a readers’ favorite: Sweet Potato Chips

Thank you for reading and cooking along with me, and for sharing your own great tips, recipes, and humorous anecdotes.  To receive daily recipe updates, you can subscribe to this blog via RSS or email, or follow @emmycooks on Twitter (links on the sidebar).


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Recipes: March 2012

  1. WyomingStoryGirl

    Arg. All last week I saw food bloggers with April Fools foods – making “fun” KFC using candy, corn flakes, etc., even one with “fun” fish sticks. My kids are still a little young to get the joke so I’m going to keep those “fun” foods in the back of my mind. Happy April Fools Day!

  2. An Unrefined Vegan

    I am hiding out all day today to avoid April Fool’s Pranks! I have absolutely no sense of humor when it comes to being tricked ;-). And great idea to post your favorite recipes – love it!

    1. emmycooks Post author

      Thanks! It’s for my own recollection as much as anything, but I thought others might enjoy seeing which recipes I thought were really standouts. Although I have had a really hard time narrowing my choices down!


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