Triple-Green Pasta: Spinach Ravioli with Swiss Chard and Arugula Pesto

You can’t go wrong sauteing a mess of greens with an onion as the starting point for a meal.  Greens, pasta, pesto, done.

This dish would also be delicious with our easy homemade spinach pasta (here’s a vegan version).  And I know I said you need a pasta roller to make homemade pasta, but look at this!  Cooks Illustrated had yet another good idea and a published a pasta recipe that is apparently a dream to roll out by hand.  Let me know if you try that, will you?

Rainbow chard is so pretty.  My five year old picked this bunch out, enraptured by the colors, but declined to eat more than a bite.  Her loss.Triple-Green Pasta: Boil fresh spinach ravioli or spinach pasta.  While the water is heating, saute a sliced red onion with your sliced chard stems over medium-high heat.  When the onion softens and begins to brown, pile in your wet, just-washed chard leaves, sliced into ribbons.  Stir occasionally and cook until chard is tender.  Heap greens on top of your cooked pasta and finish with a dollop of basil or arugula pesto.  (That parsley pesto was great too, but for some reason I’m feeling the arugula or a classic basil pesto more here.)

6 thoughts on “Triple-Green Pasta: Spinach Ravioli with Swiss Chard and Arugula Pesto

  1. Lori DiNardi

    Hey there ~ I commented before on your artichokes recipe. Now I see Swiss chard. Both of those vegetables I have drafted blogs for recipes but not posted them yet. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a vegan, but I do love green vegees. I can’t do onions because they make me sick. I usually replace them with garlic if it’s fitting. These ravioli’s sound wonderful, since I love pasta too. I don’t know too many people who eat Swiss chard, but I grew up on the stuff. My Swiss chard recipe (side dish) will be put up one week from today. My stuffed artichokes will probably be up the week after. Thanks for the yummies.

    1. emmycooks Post author

      Great minds think alike! I have never made or eaten stuffed artichokes so I will be interested to see how that works. You could certainly replace the onions here with garlic–I didn’t use garlic in this dish because I made my arugula pesto quite garlicky, but otherwise I definitely would have!


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