Poached Scrambled Eggs, or, The 40-Second Breakfast

And here is where I abandon all pretense of not making scrambled eggs.  (For those of you too lazy to click, let me just share that this blog started as an attempt to motivate myself to cook something besides scrambled eggs for dinner all the time.)  I made these for breakfast, but you?  You who have made no promises about making scrambled eggs for dinner could certainly get away with serving these as a light supper, maybe drizzled with a nice olive oil and sprinkle of herbs, alongside a crisp salad.

Sometimes you just need something simple.  This is simple.  Perfectly textured scrambled eggs, no added fat, negligible clean-up, 20 seconds of egg-whisking plus 20 seconds of cooking.  Courtesy of that Genius Recipes feature I love from Food52.

Poached Scrambled Eggs: Bring a pan of lightly salted water to a simmer.  Whisk eggs for 20 seconds (2-4 should fit in a medium saucepan; you’d want a larger pot for more).  Give the water a stir to create a whirlpool and pour in the eggs in a ribbon.  They will swirl to cover the top of the water.  Cover the pot for 20 seconds, then remove from the heat and drain gently into a colander.


14 thoughts on “Poached Scrambled Eggs, or, The 40-Second Breakfast

  1. shuhan

    And I thought I’ve seen every way of cooking eggs. I’ve steamed eggs, deep fried eggs, and saw a post recently on 10 hour slow-baked eggs. And of course I’ve poached and scrambled eggs before, just not together! I love eggs, so am always welcome to more ideas, this is great.

      1. emmycooks Post author

        Glad to hear you liked it! I like both the texture and the lack of cleanup. And the novelty of doing something so mundane in a completely new way. :)

    1. emmycooks Post author

      Thanks! I love my chives so much, I snip them all over and put the flowers on everything. This plate only escaped the snipped chives because it was for a picky eater. :)


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