S’mores, or, In Praise of Not Cooking Sometimes, Too

I love cooking for my family, but it’s nice to have an occasional break everything, even things I love.  Like maybe once a year, when we go to family camp, stay in rustic cabins, and let the nice people there cook and clean up for us.

This is literally the only thing I made all week.  It was a good week.S’mores: Prepare a lakeside campfire with friends.  Have a little girl roast a marshmallow on a stick for you.  Sandwich between a graham cracker and a slab of chocolate.  Take turns eating bites.

27 thoughts on “S’mores, or, In Praise of Not Cooking Sometimes, Too

  1. Karen

    I always keep all the ingredients for s’mores on hand for when young guests come to visit and see our stone barbecue down by the lake.

  2. hannah

    Yay, family camp! Perfect week. My only issue here is with the chocolate. Can we get something a little darker down by that campfire? I need bitter to counteract that marshmallow sweet ;)

    1. emmycooks Post author

      That sounds nice too, but when you’re not the cook those decisions are out of your hands! Totally worth it for just a few days a year–the rest of the time I do like to select my own fine chocolate. :)

    1. emmycooks Post author

      Exactly! I think people who don’t like leftovers must not be great cooks–if you don’t want to eat it twice it can’t be that good. :)

      1. Allison

        Agreed! Plus with certain foods, like Indian curries, the leftovers often taste even better than the first night’s meal since the spices really have time to hang out and mingle.

      1. Somer

        They’re not certified “vegan” but I just read labels. Traces of dairy or nuts just mean that they are processed on the same equipment. Which is cool with me :)

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