Green Olive Cream Cheese

I like to cook, but I love it even more when people feed me.  We had dinner at a friend’s house recently and devoured a pile of peppers stuffed with a mixture of green olives and cream cheese.  This morning I spent three minutes making a bowl myself and ate it for breakfast scooped onto sweet pepper slices.  I suppose it would be fine on a bagel instead, if that’s your thing.  Or spread onto whole wheat bread for a veggie sandwich.  Or piped into celery sticks.  Or served with crackers at a party.  Or…I’m going to have to make another bowl.

If you got to choose, would you want to cook or being cooked for?

Green Olive Cream Cheese: Finely chop a big pile of pimento-stuffed green olives.  Stir into cream cheese.  Serve on everything.


13 thoughts on “Green Olive Cream Cheese

  1. Vicki

    My mother-in-law shared this with me a few years ago. She adds equal amounts mayo and cream cheese with the olives. Makes for a creamier consistency – my favorite :)

  2. Shira

    I love being cooked for! I am with you and do love a break from time to time – so great for new ideas and perspective like this! Sounds yummy!

  3. Dinnerversions

    Growing up in Ontario, you used to be able to get Philadelphia cream cheese with relish. My grandmother used to serve it on crackers and it was the best thing ever. Cream cheese with olives sounds like the grown up version of that. Drool!

  4. Hannah

    Love olives in just about anything, so luckily I have olives and cream cheese to make this for lunch today!

    Hmm, to cook or be cooked for…mostly I like to cook, but I always appreciate when someone else feeds me. So the answer is both, depending upon my mood and inspiration.


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