Caramelized Onion Hummus

I see, scrolling down the page here, that I haven’t been feeding you anything too substantial lately.  A little of this, a little of that.  A few different kinds of bites cobbled together can make a meal, though.  Especially when of the little bowls on the table is a bowl of hummus.This caramelized onion hummus is light and a little sweet.  It’s addictive by itself but it also keeps nice company with a spread of tzatziki, tomato jam, and a pile of pita bread.  A salad on the side–hopefully a Greek salad, in these last days of good tomatoes and peppers–and dinner is served.  If you want to get fancy, serve a few stuffed grape leaves as well.

Now is a time that you’ll be happy to have cooked chickpeas on hand.  If you don’t, start a pot now or open and drain a can.  If you have caramelized onions defrosted from the freezer, you can have this dip on the table in five minutes.  Otherwise give yourself an hour and five minutes to allow time to cook those onions nice and slow before you make this otherwise-quick dish.Caramelized Onion Hummus: In a food processor, combine 2 c. drained cooked or canned* chickpeas, 1 c. caramelized onions, ¼ c. chickpea cooking liquid (from your pot or from a can), 2 Tbsp. tahini, 2 Tbsp. olive oil, and ¼ tsp. salt.  Blend until smooth and creamy.

*If you use canned or low-salt chickpeas, you may need to add more salt.


16 thoughts on “Caramelized Onion Hummus

  1. pt626

    Can’t wait to combine my guy’s favorite things- onions and hummus!….now if I could throw an avocado in it too it’d probably be the perfect food! (just kidding. Will not put avocado in the hummus…)

  2. Cheryl/My Love Affair With The Vine

    Hi, I found you through Melissa/Foodie For Two and stumbled across this hummus recipe. I love both caramelized onions and hummus so this recipe is a match made in heaven! I’ve had a can of chickpeas on the counter as a reminder to make hummus and after foraging the fridge I discovered an onion and proceeded to make this amazing dip – it’s Sooo good!! Thanks for the inspiration. Definitely sharing!

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