Green Salad with Roasted Winter Squash and Apple

It’s high time for a salad around here.

I came home from our trip to a fridge full of winter squash, and I’ve been roasting my way through it ever since. One batch I quite liked was a sugar pie pumpkin drizzled with olive oil, maple syrup, and ancho chile powder, roasted in wedges until caramelized and sticky.The leftovers went into a green salad the next day–really, any roasted winter squash chunks would have been good–with thin slices of sweet, crisp apple and red onion. A grainy mustard vinaigrette with honey fit the sweet-savory-sweet-savory pattern nicely. Hello, lunch for a sunny autumn day.

Green Salad with Roasted Winter Squash and Apple: Nestle a pile of roasted squash chunks into a bed greens. Scatter thin slices of apple and red onion around the squash. (A little sharp cheddar cheese wouldn’t be bad, either.) Dress with a honey-mustard vinaigrette (I like equal parts olive oil, white vinegar, grainy mustard, and honey).


12 thoughts on “Green Salad with Roasted Winter Squash and Apple

  1. Eileen

    SALAD. Yes. This one sounds perfect. I just realized I haven’t actually eaten any squash yet this season! I mean, besides in pumpkin pie. But that doesn’t count for savory squash! Must fix this immediately.

  2. Michelle

    What a nice combination. Sadly, I didn’t end up with my usual huge stack of winter squashes on the counter. My farmer tells me they didn’t grow so well here this year.

  3. Hannah

    My fridge is full of your roasted squash wedges right now – I went a little overboard, figuring hey, how many slices could four kabocha actually make? Turns out I needed all my baking sheets :) Now at least I have something to make with them! Yum yum.

    1. emmycooks Post author

      My mouth just dropped open at the thought of four roasted kabochas. :) This soup is one of my absolute favorites if you’re looking to use it up, you’d probably just want to cook the onions, garlic and ginger together before adding everything else. The recipe as written is spicy, so you might want to start cautiously with the spice if you try it. :)


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