Sweets for the Sweet: Homemade Hearts

If your house is anything like mine, your floor is littered with hearts and stickers, confetti and sparkles, the uncontainable detritus of the month-long operation that consumes our home at this time every year: making Valentines.  The glue!  The glitter!  The little girls cutting hearts and hearts and hearts and hearts, and the thousands of tiny scraps of paper that float to every corner of the floor!  The never-ending sweeping….

I mostly try to just smile and nod, enjoying the spectacle and vaguely hoping that we’ll manage to reclaim the table in time for dinner each night.  As you probably know, I prefer to make my own messes in the kitchen.

With Valentines Day coming up this week, if you’re like me, you might like to know that you don’t have to settle for crumbly, flavorless conversation hearts with pre-printed messages.  Since I’m rarely organized to make holiday treats before the day itself, I’ll refer you back to a post from last year: Make your own easy DIY conversation hearts and express your true feelings instead!emmycooks Conversation HeartsIf that’s too extreme for you, though, you should probably at least make your Valentine a plate of cookies.Plate of Sugar CookiesHope your homes are full of sweetness this week!


18 thoughts on “Sweets for the Sweet: Homemade Hearts

  1. cecilia

    Oh my, I feel so bad, my floor is not littered with hearts, unless you counT the broken ones!! Every day is valentines day for me! but you are going to have a wonderful day and i am probably going to go to bed early, so i ask us, who is having the best time?.. YOU!!! Maybe I should give a valentine to my cow!! c

  2. Little Sis

    I feel a little fortunate that my daughter’s glittery tendencies are tempered by my son’s lack of interest – keeps her from taking over the ENTIRE kitchen. :-)

    1. emmycooks Post author

      What about MY lack of interest? Doesn’t that count for anything?! Just kidding, I’m obviously as rapturous as anyone about a day of love and candy. :)

  3. sweetveg

    I love to make things and Valentine’s Day seems to be the holiday that gets me most inspired. Thanks for the reminder to get the glitter out. We already have the doilies (I love doilies!!), the glue, pink, red and purple paper and tissue paper. Yay! It’s fun thinking about you surrounded by family love (and tiny bits of paper!).

  4. Karista

    Awww… Your house sounds fun! I miss my girls being little. Loving the DIY conversation hearts. I think my 14 year old will love this. Happy weekend :)

  5. Eileen

    My floor is, uh, covered with dust bunnies and splashes of marinara sauce…but I think there will at least be cookies in the near to immediate future. :)

  6. musingmar

    I love the image of your home littered with scraps of construction paper and bits of glitter – sounds like so much fun! I can almost hear the giggles and excited chatter that must accompany this project. So sweet! The homemade conversation hearts are great idea too, but I think I might cut that recipe to half or maybe even a quarter!

  7. ButterSugarFlowers

    Naturally, this sweeeeeeet post is one my favorites of yours. I love the idea of homemade conversation hearts (that actually taste good), and — of course — cookies. Thanks for bringing in the festivities of the week with such adorable sweetness!


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