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Carrot Top Soup

You read that right: it’s soup weather in Seattle again. And you read the other part right, too: this soup is made from carrot tops.  Don’t worry, Harold McGee says they’re probably safe to eat.

The recipe comes from Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors and it’s my favorite kind of soup recipe.  The star of the show here is a single bunch of young carrots, from top to root tip.  Pick a perfect bunch next time you’re at the farmers market (a rainbow bunch is always attractive, but these delicate orange carrots came from our Nash’s CSA).

Show those carrots off by making such a simple soup that the carrot flavor gets to shine.  The frilly, spring-green carrot leaves highlight the vegetal notes that underlie the carrots’ sweetness.  A handful of herbs, a few spoonfuls of rice for body, and the soup makes the water you add into its own rich broth. Continue reading Carrot Top Soup (click for recipe)