Eggs with Chiles, Chips and Cheese

This is a five-minute breakfast or dinner that is worth knowing about.  It’s a quickie version of my favorite migas.  (I can’t believe that recipe isn’t on this site yet.  I owe you!)  I like it party because, as you can imagine, scrambled eggs with tortilla chips and cheese is alwlays an easy sell with the kids.  But mostly I like it because the adult version features roasted green chiles, a magical food.

My brother, provider of magical roasted green chiles, passed through town yesterday and brought little container of them.  If there had been more I would have made that queso fundido again, but under the circumstances we just tossed them into our breakfast.  I love how just a little bit of an excellent ingredient can elevate an ordinary dish like scrambled eggs.  I know that the world has accepted scrambled eggs with truffles or caviar as luxury food.  I submit that roasted green chiles belong in the same category.Eggs with Chiles, Chips and Cheese:  Chop a handful of roasted green chiles (lucky you if you have a New Mexican variety; otherwise a roasted and seeded poblano will do).  Grate some cheese and have a bag of tortilla chips nearby.  Whisk eggs with the chopped chiles, salt and pepper, and a splash of water, and begin to scramble them according to your favorite method.  (Do you know that Julia Child dumped them in a pan over low heat and then ignored them for three minutes?  I could never do that.)  When the eggs are nearly set, crush a big handful of tortilla chips into the pan and stir in the grated cheese.  When the eggs are cooked to your liking, serve topped with chopped cilantro.


11 thoughts on “Eggs with Chiles, Chips and Cheese

  1. Somer

    It’s totally in the same category as truffled scrambled eggs! You must ask your brother his method the magical roasted chiles and share!

      1. Somer

        Lucky duck! One time I bought some at whole foods that they were roasting outside, and made magical chile rellenos, but it’s the only time I have seen them do it. I have a difficult time roasting anything like that in my kitchen without setting off fire alarms ;)

        Crap, now I have to figure out how to make vegan chile rellenos :/

  2. Cauldrons and Cupcakes

    Sounds great, but on a mouth-on-fire scale how hot are the chiles you are using? Sorry, but as an Australian I’m kinda on the back foot here with Mexican food…

    I love any kind of egg dish, and this one looks grand!

  3. theplumpalate

    Wait. Why don’t I have any roasted green chilies around? Lovely idea – maybe they’ll make my kids like scrambled eggs. If not, they’re all for me! Beautiful post!

  4. Erina

    I am all about adding eggs to the meal whenever possible. This morning, a Goat Cheese and Chard Strata!

  5. Hannah

    My family just asked, “What’s for breakfast?” and now I have an answer. Thank you! Love migas – please share your recipe soon. :)


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