Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Radishes, and Corn

There are no new recipes under the sun, or something like that.  I love the flavor combination featured in this salad enough that I’ve featured a similar recipe before.  But this variation is even simpler because instead of making that creamy oil-free dressing (which is, by the way, well worth making), you just squeeze a lime into the salad with a pinch of salt for clean, bright, summertime flavor.This recipe is also worth revisiting at this time of year because it’s a great way to use up any odds and ends from your CSA or exuberant vegetable shopping.  Do you have a clean-out-the-fridge day of the week?  It’s Saturday around here, both because there’s time to cook and because I need to make room for the next CSA box in the fridge.

So in addition to the fresh arugula, I sauteed and finely chopped my radish tops and a few handfuls of lingering mizuna; you could use any greens.  You could also include a grated carrot or any other diced crunchy vegetables.  I used a chunk of freshly-dug sweet onion, but green or red onions would make a fine substitute.  If you’re not a cheese fan, just add another pinch of salt or some olives to replace both the salt and brine.  You get the idea.

Just shoot for a 1:1 ratio of vegetables to grains (just like I like my pasta), and serve the salad with additional lime wedges for squeezing.

Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Radishes, and Corn: First, put a cup of quinoa on to cook in 2 c. water with a pinch of salt.  Bring to a boil in a covered pot, then reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes, turn off heat and let sit 5 mins. with a towel under the pot’s lid to absorb steam, then fluff with a fork.

Meanwhile, prepare your vegetables.  Choose a bunch of greens to use in the salad uncooked (I used arugula) and more greens to cook if you like (I used radish tops and mizuna, but any greens would work here).  Finely chop all the greens, keeping the ones to cook separate.  Taste and evaluate your green, red, or sweet onions.  If the flavor is sharp, soak the diced onions in cold water for a few minutes or saute them briefly.  If you’re cooking your onions, add whatever greens you’re cooking for the last few minutes as well; otherwise cook the greens alone.  Finely dice several radishes and other crunchy vegetables if using.  Slice the kernels from a few ears of corn (either raw or cooked).

When the quinoa is cooked, mix it in a bowl with all the vegetables.  Stir in a crumbled handful of feta cheese and the juice of a lime.  Taste and adjust flavors with more salt or lime to taste.  Serve with lime wedges.


5 thoughts on “Quinoa Salad with Arugula, Radishes, and Corn

  1. musingmar

    I love this way of making a salad … Rather than getting bound up in earnestly following a recipe, let what you have on hand and your own taste guide you. Your post illustrates just how well that works!

  2. Erina

    Ah quinoa…the miracle grain. I’ve got a bag of it from Costco, and a CSA box I need to do something with, so this might just be perfect!


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