A Watermelon Cocktail

It’s not easy getting through a watermelon that weighs more than a small child.  But honestly, it’s not that hard, either.

Watermelon juice, for example, is a breeze to make: just pile chunks of watermelon (either seedless or with any black seeds removed) into the blender and give it a quick whirl.  Here we went one step further and strained the resulting puree.  And that took care of a pound and a half of our thirty-pound melon just like that.  Only twenty-eight to go.You can stop right there at the watermelon juice and have a perfectly lovely drink, dressed up if you like with a splash of simple syrup or soda water or lime or all three.  But of course we didn’t stop right there.We added vodka.

Watermelon Cocktail: For each drink, combine 1/2 c. watermelon juice, a generous shot of vodka, a splash of simple syrup* (to taste), a big squeeze of lime, and a pinch of salt.  Stir well, then add ice to glass and garnish with a lime wedge.  If you want to get fancy, you could chill the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve the drink in a martini glass.  We’re not fancy.

*To make simple syrup, combine 1 c. sugar with 1 c. water in a small pot and bring to a simmer, whisking to dissolve the sugar.  When the sugar has dissolved, transfer the syrup to a clean jar and chill thoroughly before using.

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(Why yes, I have indeed made every one of those recipes again this week.)


10 thoughts on “A Watermelon Cocktail

  1. Allison

    Lovely! Ok, while I cannot and will not gather up the energy to try making another batch of watermelon rind pickles until next summer, you’ve made me want to go out and buy at least one more watermelon while they’re still in season, just to use for this!

  2. Alex

    It’s a pity it is no longer watermelon season around here. Funnily enough, you reminded me of a hotel I once went to, where they served you watermelon shots around the pool that were pretty much like this [at least they also had vodka and lemon, not lime]. Lovely!

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  4. EverydayMaven

    Yum! This reminds me of one of my favorite summer cocktails – a Watermelon Cooler. I have been meaning to make it and post it all summer but may have missed the proverbial boat. Next time I buy a big watermelon, I am def planning on that Thai watermelon salad you posted!


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