Simple Brown Rice Sushi Bowl

There is an extensive list of finicky cooking tasks that J & I don’t do anymore.  Making sushi for a crowd is on that list.  Love the flavors, hate the time it takes to assemble and slice 20 rolls.  This is an easy way out, and can easily be scaled to feed many or a few.

To make this Simple Brown Rice Sushi Bowl spread, start by making a pot of cheaters’ sushi rice.  Bring to a boil one part short-grain brown rice in two parts water with 1/2 tsp. salt per cup of rice, then lower the pot to a simmer for 40 minutes.  Remove from heat and leave covered for 5 minutes (I put a clean dishtowel under the lid to absorb some moisture), then fluff with a fork and stir in seasoned rice vinegar and additional salt to taste.  Set rice aside.  Meanwhile, prepare your toppings: roast a pan of sweet potato batons (for about 30 minutes at 450, stirring a few times), pan-fry some tofu (I season mine with equal parts soy sauce and fish sauce plus a pinch of sugar), and slice up some green onions, nori strips, and avocado.  Other possible toppings could include edamame, mushrooms or spinach sauteed in sesame oil, a thinly-sliced egg pancake, raw fish–whatever floats your sushi boat.  Serve rice and toppings separately and let everyone assemble their own bowls.  Garnish with toasted sesame seeds.


8 thoughts on “Simple Brown Rice Sushi Bowl

  1. eminarita2002

    You have a great blog. I like that you used brown rice. (I don’t use it as much as I should). There are some that cook just as fast as white rice and it’s more healthy too.

    1. emmycooks

      Thanks for the compliment! I actually love the flavor of brown rice so use it often, although I do use white rice when that flavor seems more complimentary (like with with this green curry). I don’t have a rice cooker, but I think one that you can set up and program in advance is another way to make brown rice more convenient.


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