Winter Salad with Oranges and Oil-Cured Olives

I always find a brightly-colored salad to be uplifting in wintertime.  Lettuce may not be not a winter crop, but I like to overlook that fact and focus instead on salad as an opportunity to let winter citrus shine.  And at this time of year fresh herbs are starting to peek up in the garden, which is a perfect excuse to supplement your salad greens with generous handfuls of parsley.  The play of flavors and textures here—sweet, salty, bitter, crisp—will brighten any winter day.Green Salad with Oranges and OlivesZest your oranges first if they’re organic, of course, for the salad dressing and for making this or this or this.  A mix of colors and flavors of oranges is nice too–those pinky ones above are Cara Caras, and blood oranges are at least as dramatic.  If you are the sort of person who has it in you to supreme oranges, do so by all means.  If you are not, steal my shortcut and simply shave off the peels with a sharp knife, then slice the fruit crosswise.

Winter Salad with Oranges and Oil-Cured Olives: Wash, dry, and tear a head of crisp green lettuce.  Toss with a couple good handfuls of flat parsley leaves.  Use a sharp knife to remove the peel and outer membrane from a few oranges (preferably in a variety of colors), then slice each thinly crosswise.  Layer orange slices onto salad, then top with a handful of pitted and torn oil-cured olives and more parsley leaves.  Just before serving, dress the salad with a citrus vinaigrette made with a grating of orange zest, 2 Tbsp. orange juice, 1 Tbsp. white wine or rice vinegar, a big pinch or two of salt, and 3 Tbsp. olive oil.


17 thoughts on “Winter Salad with Oranges and Oil-Cured Olives

  1. Hannah

    Fabulous salad and so pretty! Citrus is totally saving me and quenching my craving for fresh fruit. I love the savory addition of some olives, too.

  2. Bob Vivant

    Fresh herbs peeking up in the garden? I’m so jealous. Mine are currently buried under 10 inches of fresh snow.

    This salad is so lovely. I just stocked up on citrus (before the big snow), so I’m going to give this a go tonight. Thanks Emmy!

  3. theplumpalate

    Love citrus in salads. And thank you for the reminder to zest! Sometimes I only remember when it’s too late. I’m jealous of your herbs, too. We had to tear out our herb garden when we rebuilt our beds and my plans to make an herb spiral have never come to fruition. Someday.

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  5. savorysaltysweet

    Oil-cured olives are just the best, and I love that you’ve paired them with such a beautiful array of citrus. I’ll have to come back to this when its citrus season again!


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